DSC_0116The candle shop has been a beehive of activity (excuse the pun!) these past weeks as the Sister Chandlers have been experimenting to make Advent Candles! Do you know how hard it is to get a nice liturgical purple? And rose! Or is it pink?

By request of our friends 100% beeswax candles for your Advent wreath are now available at the Cloister Shoppe! We choose to make them from beeswax for several reasons. First, for the symbolism of beeswax (you can learn about it when you visit the candles!) and because there are many practical reasons why beeswax is superior for taper candles. Although beeswax is more expensive it really is a lot more value for your dollar as a taper can last approximately 9-10 hours. Also, the candles are drip-less unless there is a draft. Sister Chandler has not-so-good memories of her family Advent wreath and the stearine candle of the 1st week being burned down nearly to the end by the end of the week!

Our beeswax comes from US hives so that helps US beekeepers! Incidentally, our jar candles are entirely from US sources as well!

The Advent candles are made in small quantities using molds not so different from the molds used hundreds of years ago. So, order your candles early so as not to have Sister Chandler burning HER candle on both ends!