Sr. Deepa is our designer extraordinaire and during our slow months has been experimenting with all sorts of colors and fragrances. We’ve been talking about Christmas. Already? But we do need to have “Christmas in July” in order to be prepared for the fall!

Our soap mold supplier has come out with a mold that Sr. Mary Catharine has been waiting for: a St. Nicholas soap, not a Santa Claus! We’re still disagreeing on colors/fragrances, etc. but we’ve got the packaging down! We hope to have it up on the store sometime in October.

We’re planning another fall sale as well. We don’t want to bug you with sale emails but truly want to show our appreciation of your support by helping you save a little money! Unfortunately, cost of ingredients and supplies has gone up but we think we can hold off a price increase for the next 6 months at least. With the additional space in the soap department we have a little more room to store which means we can purchase larger quantities of supplies which means lower costs!

We’re also experimenting with some formulas for facial creme! By the time we get it right our faces should be permanently at 25! Seriously, we have this awesome White Tea fragrance that you will really like! It’s unusual when ALL the soap nuns agree on something the first time and White Tea fragrance was an unanimous winner!

You might also have noticed that we’ve updated the header photos on both this blog and our website. The blog photos show up in random order. If you refresh your page you should see the next one.