After what has seemed like a long winter here in New Jersey Spring is suddenly upon us! While there are still mounds of snow here and there in the garden signs of new life are sprouting everywhere! Inside the monastery Sisters have trays of seeds in just about any sunny spot they can find. The areas under the new skylights are premium spots!

honeysuckle headerSpring is in the Soap Room, too! Our Spring Collection of soaps are now available. There are our classic scents: Lily of the Valley, Blooming Lilac and Gardenia. Joining them this year is a new scent which the sisters really like: Honeysuckle Hollow. You can’t imagine how many scents we tried before deciding on this one!

Bay Rum is back! We’ve gotten quite a few requests lately and one gentleman friend explained it this way: “We’ve run out of our supply and need to buy more!”

tuscan herbAnother new scent that we discovered serendipitously (can you pronounce that word?) is Tuscan Herb. It’s an awesome kitchen soap! Sr. Mary Magdalene described it this way: “It smells just like someone is cooking in the kitchen who knows what she is doing!” It’s not often that the sisters unanimously like a scent but this one was a winner!

From the Cloister Candle Shop we are now offering Freesia tumbler candles again. Don’t forget to get your mom a Tea Cup Candle. We purchased a limited number of tea cups so it’s better not to wait until the last minute. We didn’t know how they would sell and we weren’t keen on having boxes and boxes of tea cups around!
tea cup web 1
From DNS Publications comes a new book: Devotion to Saint Dominic. This is a slim book by Father √Čtienne Vayssi√®re, OP and translated into English by Fr. George Christian, OP. It’s a beautiful meditation on the life and virtues of our Holy Father, St. Dominic.

Just in time to celebrate the canonization of our two beloved Popes our new statues of SAINT John Paul II have arrived. We’re still looking for a statue of SAINT John XXIII.