What’s New?

It’s been a long time since we posted here to update about what is going on at the Cloister Shoppe! We’ve been extremely busy with the influx of orders. Here are 2 of our new products: our 2015 Holy Family Christmas Ornament, Spiced Cranberry Tumbler Candle and Spiced Cranberry Room Spray.

2015 Christmas ornament with box

spiced cranberry

spiced cranberry room spray II

Busy Bees of Spring!

Not the bees outside but the busy bees inside called nuns!

With winter gone and Spring here the Sisters like to try their hands at new things. They like to be out in the garden, too! IN the different workshops of the Cloister Shoppe we’ve been trying out new soaps and candles.

spring trio box 2THE SPRING TRIO BOX comes in 2 designs: these lovely pastels as soon and another design that is sort of perky swirls. Both are called FLOWERS in the SUN but the fragrances are Wisteria, White Gardenia and Sunflower. Can you tell which design the postulants created?

For spring we also offer this gift soap JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM. It’s a single, gift-boxed soap that makes a great gift for a co-worker or friend. You can tuck it in their bag or drawer and surprise them!

We also have for a LIMITED TIME BUTTERMILK SOAP with the unusual but really fabulous fragrance of Red Current and Thyme! We have a very limited amount made and the soap sisters think they might DSC_8076have to hide it from the other nuns!
japanese cherry blossom
15 tealightsThe CLOISTER CANDLES are busy testing, testing and testing again to roll out our 100% Beeswax TEA LIGHTS! We hope to have them available in May. We’ve been getting many requests from customers for these.

Meanwhile we are offering 2 new scents for Summer! Pink Citron and Summer Fruit and Jasmine! These candles are pink citronespecially nice and the fact that you can clean out the glass and use for your ice tea is a bonus!

What’s new at the Cloister Shoppe?

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted here and it’s time for an update! The Christmas season was quite busy and we are grateful to you all for your purchases and support!

Did you know we offer Gift Certificates, too??

Some new products now available at the Cloister Shoppe!

Rosary Shrine Puzzle

Righto! A puzzle made just for us featuring the seasons of the year through various scenes here at the monastery! The puzzle is 16″ x 20″ and has 504 pieces. Makes a unique gift!

Unscented Jar Candle

Some people like candles that smell and some people don’t! If you’re like some of us and you just like the glow of a lit candle without all that fragrance this is the candle for you! Candle is more white than this photo shows.

100% Beeswax Taper Candles

You love our 100% beeswax tapers but you’d like to purchase more than a pair at a time. Now you can purchase a 4 pair box! Saves you a little money, too!

Lip Balm Isn’t Just Wintergreen!

We now offer Creamy Caramel and Vanilla flavoured lip balm! You love our lip balm (We do, too!) and these new flavours just make it better!

Shaving Brush—Made in the USA!

We’ve been working hard looking for a good “starter” shaving brush that is made in the USA! And we’ve found it! Now available with our great Shaving Gift Set or separately!


Who doesn’t love a good book? As you know we tend to carry books with a “Dominicana” theme! Now available is this great anthology of poetry by Dominicans!

St Thomas as spiritual director? You bet! Find out why from Peter Kreeft! This is a hefty book! This book can be of great spiritual benefit for you in growing in holiness!

Wholesale accounts with the Cloister Shoppe

DSC_5657While The Cloister Shoppe is happy to offer a wholesale discount to those who wish to sell our products in their own stores, a wholesale discount is only offered to those in the retail business. There are a few case by case exceptions so don’t hesitate to email us if you are seeking to purchase at wholesale cost from us.

The Cloister Shoppe is a small business run entirely by the Dominican Nuns as a means of support for our contemplative lives. We’re not Amazon, Best Buy or any other multimillion dollar retail business. If we allowed everyone who ordered from us to have a wholesale account we’d have to close up shop!

We’re happy to have you sell our products in your shop! A 40% discount is extended to all our Seignadou Soap products and our Jar Candles. We aren’t able to offer this discount on other items. To have a wholesale account with the Cloister Shoppe requires approval before your account is activated. This is also because we need to give you some information for you to plug into your order when you purchase!

We are grateful for your support and business! God bless you!

Advent Candles

DSC_5590The Sisters in the candle shop have been busy making Advent Candles. Although there is a lot of demand for the candles the amount of work to make them along with our own monastery needs has necessitated that they will be available in limited quantities. Sister Chandler told us that she thinks she can do some extra this week but that will be all.

November is such a full month in our monastery. We’re about to receive a new postulant on November 1st! Then there is the celebration of the prioress’ feast day, a triduum retreat in preparation for Pro Orantibus Day, November 21st and we can’t forget Thanksgiving. There’s the garden to clean and get ready for the winter as well!

We hoped to get started earlier this year making the Advent Candles but there have been many preparations for our Gala on November 6th including making nearly 300 votive candles, 350 soaps and nearly 200 rosaries for the event! Making candles by hand is not something than can be rushed and in many ways isn’t “forgiving” the way soap is. The pouring temperature of the wax is key!

The Nuns will be on retreat!

DSC_2834From July 5-14th we’ll be on retreat! Retreat is a very special time for us. Sort of our version of vacation!
While we don’t go away we try as much as possible to be united with the Lord in silence and solitude.

During retreat you can place soap orders but we won’t be shipping until after the 14th.

Know of our prayers during this time and pray for us, too!

Great News from The Cloister Shoppe!!

ImageCan you guess?

I bet you think it’s a new product?

We got those, too, but…

It’s even better!!!!

Guess again!

Ah, come on! Try!

New packaging?

We got that, too! New sizes, too!

It’s even better than that!

All Seignadou Soaps have been reduced in price!

4 ounce bar–$4.00
5 ounce bar–$5.00

Most of our soaps are now in our new 4 ounce bar style. We think you’ll agree with us that it’s an improvement! Not only is it nicer to hold it’s got that great swirly design on it!

We got new photos on the store, too! Sr. Photographer has been dying to take new photos of our soaps!

Check our new Tuscan Herb Soap or our Island Breeze Room Spray! Have you tried our Oatmeal Liquid Soap?

Did you know that Bay Rum is back?!

What’s New for Mother’s Day?

freesia 2As the days get warmer the Sisters are planning their gardens. Some sister go only for flowers. Some vegetables and some sisters want to plant everything! Meanwhile we continue our work in the soap and candle workrooms.

Mother’s Day is coming and we have some lovely new items that will make lovely gifts!

Our Freesia candles aren’t really new but they are in our new packaging! Some of our customers think it’s our best candle!

In the wood shop sister has been experimenting and has some lovely seam rippers! She made one for Sr. Mary Catharine for her feast day and Sister hides it so that no one else will use it!

oatmeal liquid soapWe have a new liquid soap available. It’s Oatmeal and smells lovely! Plus, it gives us a chance to show off our new shaped bottles and labels!

Don’t forget our other jar candles and tea cup candles, too!

Spring Arrivals as Spring Arrives!

After what has seemed like a long winter here in New Jersey Spring is suddenly upon us! While there are still mounds of snow here and there in the garden signs of new life are sprouting everywhere! Inside the monastery Sisters have trays of seeds in just about any sunny spot they can find. The areas under the new skylights are premium spots!

honeysuckle headerSpring is in the Soap Room, too! Our Spring Collection of soaps are now available. There are our classic scents: Lily of the Valley, Blooming Lilac and Gardenia. Joining them this year is a new scent which the sisters really like: Honeysuckle Hollow. You can’t imagine how many scents we tried before deciding on this one!

Bay Rum is back! We’ve gotten quite a few requests lately and one gentleman friend explained it this way: “We’ve run out of our supply and need to buy more!”

tuscan herbAnother new scent that we discovered serendipitously (can you pronounce that word?) is Tuscan Herb. It’s an awesome kitchen soap! Sr. Mary Magdalene described it this way: “It smells just like someone is cooking in the kitchen who knows what she is doing!” It’s not often that the sisters unanimously like a scent but this one was a winner!

From the Cloister Candle Shop we are now offering Freesia tumbler candles again. Don’t forget to get your mom a Tea Cup Candle. We purchased a limited number of tea cups so it’s better not to wait until the last minute. We didn’t know how they would sell and we weren’t keen on having boxes and boxes of tea cups around!
tea cup web 1
From DNS Publications comes a new book: Devotion to Saint Dominic. This is a slim book by Father Étienne Vayssière, OP and translated into English by Fr. George Christian, OP. It’s a beautiful meditation on the life and virtues of our Holy Father, St. Dominic.

Just in time to celebrate the canonization of our two beloved Popes our new statues of SAINT John Paul II have arrived. We’re still looking for a statue of SAINT John XXIII.


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