Advent Candles

DSC_5590The Sisters in the candle shop have been busy making Advent Candles. Although there is a lot of demand for the candles the amount of work to make them along with our own monastery needs has necessitated that they will be available in limited quantities. Sister Chandler told us that she thinks she can do some extra this week but that will be all.

November is such a full month in our monastery. We’re about to receive a new postulant on November 1st! Then there is the celebration of the prioress’ feast day, a triduum retreat in preparation for Pro Orantibus Day, November 21st and we can’t forget Thanksgiving. There’s the garden to clean and get ready for the winter as well!

We hoped to get started earlier this year making the Advent Candles but there have been many preparations for our Gala on November 6th including making nearly 300 votive candles, 350 soaps and nearly 200 rosaries for the event! Making candles by hand is not something than can be rushed and in many ways isn’t “forgiving” the way soap is. The pouring temperature of the wax is key!

The Nuns will be on retreat!

DSC_2834From July 5-14th we’ll be on retreat! Retreat is a very special time for us. Sort of our version of vacation!
While we don’t go away we try as much as possible to be united with the Lord in silence and solitude.

During retreat you can place soap orders but we won’t be shipping until after the 14th.

Know of our prayers during this time and pray for us, too!

Great News from The Cloister Shoppe!!

ImageCan you guess?

I bet you think it’s a new product?

We got those, too, but…

It’s even better!!!!

Guess again!

Ah, come on! Try!

New packaging?

We got that, too! New sizes, too!

It’s even better than that!

All Seignadou Soaps have been reduced in price!

4 ounce bar–$4.00
5 ounce bar–$5.00

Most of our soaps are now in our new 4 ounce bar style. We think you’ll agree with us that it’s an improvement! Not only is it nicer to hold it’s got that great swirly design on it!

We got new photos on the store, too! Sr. Photographer has been dying to take new photos of our soaps!

Check our new Tuscan Herb Soap or our Island Breeze Room Spray! Have you tried our Oatmeal Liquid Soap?

Did you know that Bay Rum is back?!

What’s New for Mother’s Day?

freesia 2As the days get warmer the Sisters are planning their gardens. Some sister go only for flowers. Some vegetables and some sisters want to plant everything! Meanwhile we continue our work in the soap and candle workrooms.

Mother’s Day is coming and we have some lovely new items that will make lovely gifts!

Our Freesia candles aren’t really new but they are in our new packaging! Some of our customers think it’s our best candle!

In the wood shop sister has been experimenting and has some lovely seam rippers! She made one for Sr. Mary Catharine for her feast day and Sister hides it so that no one else will use it!

oatmeal liquid soapWe have a new liquid soap available. It’s Oatmeal and smells lovely! Plus, it gives us a chance to show off our new shaped bottles and labels!

Don’t forget our other jar candles and tea cup candles, too!

Spring Arrivals as Spring Arrives!

After what has seemed like a long winter here in New Jersey Spring is suddenly upon us! While there are still mounds of snow here and there in the garden signs of new life are sprouting everywhere! Inside the monastery Sisters have trays of seeds in just about any sunny spot they can find. The areas under the new skylights are premium spots!

honeysuckle headerSpring is in the Soap Room, too! Our Spring Collection of soaps are now available. There are our classic scents: Lily of the Valley, Blooming Lilac and Gardenia. Joining them this year is a new scent which the sisters really like: Honeysuckle Hollow. You can’t imagine how many scents we tried before deciding on this one!

Bay Rum is back! We’ve gotten quite a few requests lately and one gentleman friend explained it this way: “We’ve run out of our supply and need to buy more!”

tuscan herbAnother new scent that we discovered serendipitously (can you pronounce that word?) is Tuscan Herb. It’s an awesome kitchen soap! Sr. Mary Magdalene described it this way: “It smells just like someone is cooking in the kitchen who knows what she is doing!” It’s not often that the sisters unanimously like a scent but this one was a winner!

From the Cloister Candle Shop we are now offering Freesia tumbler candles again. Don’t forget to get your mom a Tea Cup Candle. We purchased a limited number of tea cups so it’s better not to wait until the last minute. We didn’t know how they would sell and we weren’t keen on having boxes and boxes of tea cups around!
tea cup web 1
From DNS Publications comes a new book: Devotion to Saint Dominic. This is a slim book by Father √Čtienne Vayssi√®re, OP and translated into English by Fr. George Christian, OP. It’s a beautiful meditation on the life and virtues of our Holy Father, St. Dominic.

Just in time to celebrate the canonization of our two beloved Popes our new statues of SAINT John Paul II have arrived. We’re still looking for a statue of SAINT John XXIII.

New Candles from the Cloister Shoppe!

wt_l_vv new box trioWe’re not sure what we like more, the new candles or our new custom boxes!
We have 3 new tumbler (or jar) candle scents: White Tea & Berries, Very Vanilla and Classic Lavender! They all come packaged in our own new boxes!

Each of these candle scents were chosen after careful “testing” by our own in-house testers–the Sisters! White Tea & Berries was a favorite. Very Vanilla was a favorite and Lavender, well, you guessed it, that was a favorite, too! There were a few other scents the sisters thought were worthy of the Cloister Shoppe and perhaps we’ll be able to offer those in the future.

Our new boxes are a great improvement on the original boxes we were getting. These were made for this particular tumbler are sturdy as well. The sisters worked on the design with the box maker. Now we have A LOT of boxes!

If you don’t know which candle to choose you just might have to try them all!

100% Beeswax Tapers now available!

beeswax taper candlesWhile the weather has been quite stormy Sister Chandler has been inside creating beautiful 100% beeswax tapers for the Cloister Shoppe!

Enjoy the beautiful glow of all natural 100% beeswax tapers. These candles are approximately 10″ and fit standard 7/8″ candlestick holders. Each candle burns for approximately 9-10 hours and are nearly drip less if burned in a draft-free location.

Each candle is hand-poured and then after the candles begin to cool they are “topped off” with more wax. After they are removed from the molds, the wicks are trimmed and each candle is is given a fluted base by inserting the candle in a hot base former.

The Cloister Shoppe is open again…and

DSC_0107 (2)The good news is that the Cloister Shoppe is back up. The technical problems did give us a wee bit of time to have some fun doing other things. Such as? Separating and re-potting African Violets!

The bad news is that come tomorrow, January 26th postage is going up again! Can you believe it? We’ll see how it goes but we might need to make a few price adjustments later on. We hope we don’t! We do our very best to keep our shipping costs as low as we possibly can.

In fact did you know that if the actual shipping is more than you paid we don’t charge you! If it is considerably less we give you a refund! I bet Amazon wouldn’t do that!

The Cloister Shoppe Website

Thank you to all who have written expressing concern that the Cloister Shoppe perhaps was no more!

Yes, indeed, we are still very much in business. Our site is experiencing some technical difficulties. We think that perhaps it went to Florida for a quick vacation until it warms up a little around here!

We hope to have the site back up soon!

God bless you!


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